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Whenever people talk about astrology, the question of "belief" arises. It is as if human thought instinctively associated astrology with "a belief".

Whenever people ask me if I believe in astrology, I answer the question with another question: "What is a belief?" and I'll give them my answer right away.

A belief is everything you have not touched, seen, heard, smelled, everything you have not lived and experienced, everything that has not become part of your own life and existence and that is not part of your own Has become a reality.

It is all beyond your imagination and comes from another dimension that you have never experienced before. They are not (yet) aware, but there is still somewhere for those who have experienced, researched or lived it.

Goldfish do not exist in the world of elephants, even if they exist in our own (human) reality. They are just part of another reality that we humans can live and experience. But not the elephants.

It is so difficult for so many people to live in reality and become aware of other dimensions. Instead of judging and questioning who is right or wrong, it is better to try to learn more about the pros and cons of how it works or not and when it works or not.

THAT would take consciousness to another dimension and bring much more insight. It would increase human awareness; something that our world needs so much.

Some doctors "believe" in natural healing, others "only" believe in high-tech solutions, and others "only" believe in medication. It depends on their mindset, experience, and own reality.

Some astrologers only believe in the "old" deterministic schools, others rely on psychological feelings and free will, and still others are more focused on the influence of the asteroids. It all depends on their way of thinking and experience.

To say that astrology is a "belief" means to judge astrology without having experienced or researched it. It is up to you to raise your awareness and attentiveness through your own research - in relation to all topics and events in life. And if you want to research astrology, you should research and judge "astrology" and not the astrologer!

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