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Ascendant crystal: aquamarine

If your ascendant is in Aquarius, you are far ahead of the rest of the population. You can easily see what the world will need in the future and tend to be trendsetters. They tend to rub conventional people wrong because they simply cannot see your foresight.

They tend to be distant and can also be very friendly with magnetic charm that interests people. You like change, especially if it's your idea, and you can initiate change just to have change for the sake of change. Persistence is easy for you and you will often find that it is determination rather than stubbornness.

They can be easily discovered because your will appears to be different in your dress and / or behavior, because you simply don't fit into the mainstream of society. This is where Aquamarine comes in because it helps you feel as good in the world as it is. You can also tend to be unsure, and aquamarine brings confidence to your being and gives you the knowledge that what you know today will / will need the world tomorrow.

The energy of aquamarine is very soothing, but not the kind of calming that puts you to sleep. It only allows you to relax and be where you are fully aware of your characteristics and can articulate your wisdom and feelings.

This crystal also helps dispel anger and put angry feelings and thoughts into perspective. It works well as a clearing stone for old patterns and energies that disappear as if they did not disappear. Basically, you can express your truth with calm certainty.

The chakras with which it works best are the neck chakra and the heart chakra. It is good to wear if you have a throat problem, sore throat, sore throat, or a speech that needs help. It can help with infections of any kind and calm the nervous system.

Thought for the day: "Find ecstasy in life; the mere feeling of life is joy enough." -Emily Dickinson

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