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Chinese astrologers believe that the universe consists of five basic elements - metal, wood, fire, earth and wood. Each of these elements has a number of properties associated with it, which are often related to aspects of the materials themselves. Below are the characteristics associated with the five elements of Chinese astrology.

People who belong to the metal element are inflexible and rigid. Guided by a strong feeling, these people pursue their goals with great intensity and little hesitation. Success-oriented and unwavering in their determination, metal people are able to spend longer trying to get what they want. Quality is very ambitious and has top priority in life.

People who belong to the element of water are wise and intuitive. Such people are great thinkers, philosophers and imaginative. They are good communicators and can convince people to get what they want. They are also able to make other people want what they want. These people usually take on multiple jobs.

People who are part of the Wood element are workaholic. They do their work diligently and want to stay busy. These people are productive and cooperative and remain committed to the work they want. They are well versed in their profession. They also indulge in wasteful expenses.

People belonging to the element of fire are born as leaders. These people show above-average leadership skills. You have an attractive and magnetic personality, stay excited and happy. Firefighters hate loneliness and always love to be the center of attention. These risk takers like to keep moving and are always exploring new horizons.

People who belong to the element earth are practical and full of logic. They love stability and are very ambitious. Responsible, reliable and calm, the people with earth elements are impressive planners and administrators. Although they react slowly, they are constant and careful. Her famous motto is "slowly but surely".

When these five elements and the twelve zodiac animals are combined, the wealth and accuracy of Chinese astrology reading increases significantly. For example, if you were born in the year of the rooster and the metal, you have the metal rooster as a Chinese star sign.

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