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In Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Fate, the elements and the zodiac have certain characteristics, properties and structures that can predict whether a person needs a partner or can be a compatible partner.

When it comes to business, it comes down to synergies between the skills, partners' aspirations and what the others can bring to the table for a win-win partnership. This ensures that the parties can actually work together to make profits together.

A person's Ba Zi birth chart can reveal their innate character. Can the person take risks or resist? Is there a Rob Wealth or 7 Killings structure in the birth certificate? In business, you have to take calculated risks to get far. The person must have a keen eye for identifying opportunities and how to use them to be competitive. Without such distinctive features, running and maintaining a business can be challenging. What if you don't have the qualities to be a businessman, but have creative mind and ingenuity for ideas? Or do you have technical know-how and plenty of know-how, but no business acumen to start a company? Or do you have strong networking skills and charisma to influence people, but poor skills in dealing with money? You can then look for a partner who has the skills and abilities that you lack by reading Ba Zi compatibility.

There are many factors that determine the success of a partnership, but a Ba Zi analysis can reveal the complementary capabilities of potential partners. The goal of finding a capable and suitable partner is based on the compatibility of the birth horoscopes. One of the questions that needs to be asked: is he or she the type of person who can handle a partnership? Some people may have complementary strengths, but simply not have a collaborative spirit in them - it may not be easy for a person to work together or work in a team, as this is not a given for them.

The general rule in Ba Zi is that strong day masters need fewer partners than weak day masters, although there are exceptions to the rule.

However, apart from Ba Zi's perspective, there are practical reasons why a person wants a partner. Some people can be sole proprietors but just want a partner because they don't want to do all the work. Some people may want a partner because they lack the capital and need financial support.

From the point of view of Ba Zi, a partnership can have a better chance of success if there is compatibility between potential partners. It doesn't matter how well the partners use each other's skills or get along personally - there can be no lasting success in a partnership unless one party is hungry for success and the other party is very ambitious. In this case, a Ba Zi analysis can measure the compatibility of a business partner based on complementary skills and the alignment of goals. Another important factor for a successful partnership is timing. In Ba Zi, a person receives pillars of happiness that determine in which years happiness can rise or fall on the path of life. To increase the chances of a successful partnership, the parties should go through favorable pillars of luck at the time of the partnership, and preferably their pillars of luck should also indicate opportunities through partnership. They say timing is everything. This also applies to Ba Zi. At the right time, a partnership is likely to be successful and profitable.

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