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When we face a bad situation in life, there are actually two results.

The first result is obviously negative because it is a bad situation and we may feel disturbed or emotionally affected. This is a result determined by fate - at the wrong time and place. We cannot undo what happened to us.

How the second result ends, however, depends on our thoughts, words and actions. It is not fixed. In fact, we can choose the result in our favor. This is the fate in the making and we have the power to make the best of the situation. And the power we have is over our emotion.

Depending on the situation, our emotions can manifest themselves through our words and actions in various forms.

When it comes to anger about a misunderstanding, the spirited guy will verbally strike at people who they think they did wrong. The words they use can be hurtful to the other party because their emotions overwhelm them. They lose their sense of control and make the situation worse. Physical arguments can ensure. This is the second result and it comes quickly.

If it is a disappointment about something they have not achieved, they may be due to their lack of skills and may perceive themselves as unworthy and undeserved. Such self-destructive thoughts will break their spirits and make them lose confidence in everything they do. If they let such thoughts get out of control, they will be filled with pessimism and have a cynical view of the future. This is the second result and it's slow but insidious.

Whatever it is, we have to stay calm and have control over our emotions. A bad situation can only get worse if we leave out emotions that overwhelm us. A calm state of mind and equanimity help us to think and act better, which makes the second result positive immediately or later.

Think about our thoughts, words and actions, as these can lead to results that can have a negative impact on us in any negative situation. The second result can be worse than the first if we don't learn to control our emotions and reduce our losses. Our emotions are controllable and we have to subject them to our consciousness through conscious effort. This is not easy because our emotions sit deep in our subconscious and wait to pounce on us when triggered by external stimuli. Our reactions are based on our emotion, which urges us to say or do things without thinking about the consequences. Our subconscious mind reacts to a certain situation much faster than our conscious mind. It's because of our emotion.

The only way we can think faster than our emotions is to be aware that there are two results in every situation. The first is fate - things happen for a reason and the second is fate - we can choose our answer.

The four pillars of fate, a branch of Chinese astrology, teach us the difference between fate and fate. By choosing our answers based on rational minds, we can decide how the second outcome will develop in a particular situation. To create your own destiny, you should know your useful elements and useful gods based on your birth certificate. Please visit us at

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