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The stars spoke when it came to TV star Charlotte Laws, who was voted one of the 30 hottest women in the world and wrote the memoirs. Rebel in high heels. In other words, Laws' astrological map explains why it could turn into a real James Bond and help victims of online harassment and cyber crime. A Google search shows hundreds of articles about laws known worldwide as "Erin Brockovich des revenge porn".

Rebel in high heels tells a fascinating story about overcoming the obstacles in life (i.e., the suicide of Laws' mother, the death of her brother, widespread racism in her community) and the overthrow of the most notorious operator of revenge porn websites. I found this book exciting, funny, nervous, exciting, romantic and entertaining. However, this is less a book review than an analysis of the law card, since I've been a professional astrologer for 15 years.

Laws are more than just a struggle to help victims of cyber harassment. She has supported various oppressed groups: African Americans, members of the LGBTQ community, and animals (a Google search will show articles on laws related to these topics). Laws was born on May 11, 1960. With her Mars square Jupiter, she has a natural tendency to fight in the name of justice (Jupiter) (Mars) and to stand up for outsiders and people in less fortunate positions. It comes into action (Mars), especially when it comes to Jupiterian questions of ethics, morality and justice. It fights for the ethical treatment of animals and for the justice of people who have been victims of racism and revenge porn.

Laws are a natural changer due to their solar square Uranus. Their vital self-expression and their identity (sun) depend on bringing about changes, breaking through, getting away from the old order, bringing in the new and being ahead of their time (Uranus). One of the main tasks of Laws in life is to wake up humanity.

Laws are motivated to care for and protect women who have been traumatized or wounded in any way. This comes from their lunar square (women, to care for, to protect) to Pluto (violations, wounding, trauma). This speaks for the support of victims of revenge porn. She has no hesitation in going into the danger zone. Others may shrug their shoulders, be afraid, and even go away from this situation, but not from laws. She dives in with all her might to protect injured women.

Rebel in high heels It also describes Laws' amazing three-year relationship with singer and sex symbol Tom Jones, with whom she wanted to date for ten years before making it possible. With their Venus (intimacy, social kinship, camaraderie) in contrast to Neptune (fantasy, dreams, idealization), laws literally manifested their ideal romantic situation.

Uranus quincunx Saturn also has laws. This means that she may be motivated to develop skills to rebel against the existing order (Saturn) (Uranus). Conformity, the status quo and existing structures indicate a problem that must be solved (Quincunx). She brings in her radical ideas and her enlightened point of view. It wants to free people from obsolete ways, free them, make progress, shock, break, rebel and agitate. She is very worried about these things. However, this concern leads to the development of skills to become a reformer in these areas. With Uranus in the middle of the sky, the public can view them as radical and eccentric. It focuses on Uranian ideals of altruism and humanitarianism.

Laws also have Mercury Square Uranus, which means that they like to shock people (Uranus) with their words (Mercury). This is something a reader talks about Rebel in high heels can experience. It can make people think again. It can destabilize people's mental processes and free them from outdated beliefs. Your goals and revolutionary insights help open the mind and reach a broader perspective. Laws convey the idea that everyone is part of the same global family and that it is important to work together for the good of the whole, including animals.

Despite the Uranian shocks that Laws communicates, it is also Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all of which are connected in Taurus. This makes her memoirs a sensual pleasure (bull) to read (Mercury). She writes deliciously and luxuriously. It is reassuring and satisfying to devour her words. It is inviting, earthy and comforting. Reading your book is like eating a bowl of ice cream.

Laws have moon in Sagittarius. We take care of others with the moon. Laws take care of (moon) by sharing their truth and wisdom (sagittarius). She nurtures others by teaching and advising them. She also has Scorpio Rise, which is manifested in her "clever talent", which is essentially defined in her book as "out-of-the-box thinking". "Smart talent" allows laws to bypass restrictive rules and take steps others can only dream of.

Laws also has Neptune on her ascendant, which explains why she is a shapeshifter and can fit into a crowd unnoticed. She could crash hundreds of VIP events to meet with presidents, movie stars, and business moguls (as described in her book). Laws is also listed as one of the 15 most notorious party crashers in the world, a fitting title for her, astrologically speaking. The rising sign is a person's survival mechanism. Observing, observing, and immersing in laws like situations (Scorpio), and this is particularly evident in their initial actions and the image they project (Ascendant).

For the future, I expect laws to continue to fight for justice and protect those who are wounded, injured, and victims. It will demonstrate competence when it comes to helping others to free themselves from existing structures and orders. It will introduce society to more enlightened ways of being and will continue to be an agent of change.

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