Characteristics of the three fire signs in astrology – The Best astrology signs

In astrology, the three signs associated with the element of fire are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire refers to the human function of intuition. People with fire signs are particularly adept at art, business, education and law. See if you recognize the key qualities and characteristics of the following three fire signs.

Aries, the planner. March 20 - April 19

Aries is a fire sign that deals with simple, direct self-expression. Aries stimulate and inspire people to be around. The sign is associated with independence and leadership. A typical ram is a visionary and a doer. Aries shows creative optimism and is particularly good at getting projects off the ground. Ending whatever they start is probably someone else's job.

Aries are dynamic. They want to be the first and best. Travel, adventure and exploration are key attributes. The ruling planet Mars stands for competition, struggle and enthusiasm. Mars is known as a personal planet of closeness and intimacy. The fire aspect of this sign reflects the meaning of sexual expression for a ram.

Aries are authoritative, impulsive, instinctive, opportunistic and expectant. If diplomacy and thoughtfulness were incorporated into the upbringing, it would be great if Aries were there. Otherwise, their self-serving dynamics can make them thoughtless, aggressive, or arrogant.

There is no losing for Aries. Aries have a fighting spirit. They are often the first to come to a friend's defense. Courage is a strong virtue of ram, as the Mars ruling ship instructs them to fight for what they want. You will invite a challenge and use it to find yourself. Personal power, competence, sincerity and trust are trademarks of Aries. When trust and confidence have not been nurtured and experienced in childhood, they tend to think more about fear and deal with insecurities. A ram can quickly process complex ethical or environmental variables and sort the outrageous, distracting, or irrelevant to provide a logical answer. Aries always wants to know more and improve. They like to stretch and reach.

Leo, the creative. July 23 - August 22

Leos are extremely spirited people who are known above all for their diverse creative powers. It is a pleasure for them to reveal creatively what they feel within themselves. If they are disabled or unsuccessful in their visionary expression, they feel inadequate. Leo is very proud. Praise a lion and he or she will drink it.

Like the sun, its ruler, Leo wants to be at the center of the experience. It is important for a Leo to show personal power. Leos are known to be charismatic, commanding and influential. They see their own leadership skills and want to take responsibility. Leos can be overwhelmed by their own energy and have to learn to relax. You can easily get upset.

Leo's key phrase is "I will". The people of this sign are generous, dominant and loving. Leos are fast, independent thinkers and, like other fixed signs like bull, make decisions based on inner criteria. If they can't control their enthusiasm, Leos acts quickly.

As a fixed sign, they can be deep inside and unshakable. Leos strive to be unique. They can be overly confident, open, showy, and sometimes blunt. When Leos are unable to express themselves, they become moody and hide their feelings. When Leos are comfortable, they enjoy being simple and spontaneous. Courage and passion are the hallmarks of Leo. They are good at concentration and observation and enjoy loneliness. They value integrity, honor and loyalty.

Leos are good at comforting others. Trust has to be earned and then they will reveal hidden parts of themselves. Leos love to imagine, inspire and dream. They are big on ideas. When they start a project, they find it difficult to finish it. Leos love sports, games and jokes and are usually talented in art and music.

Sagittarius, the sign of leadership. November 22 - December 20

The key term for Sagittarius is "I understand". The symbol stands for leadership and philosophy. Usually people with this symbol are ambitious and influential in organizations. They are excellent teachers and preachers. Sagittarians are often forgiving, but not selfish. They are loyal, patriotic and optimistic. They always try to convince others to see things the way they do. They speak openly and sometimes not tactfully.

Shooters seek acceptance from their fellow human beings. Sometimes shooters are slow to awaken to their own leadership skills. If they are not leaders, they can blindly follow the dogma. They tend to be revolutionaries who want to change things for the common good.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules this sign. People born under Sagittarius are looking for adventure and want to broaden their horizons. They love their freedom, hate restrictions, and enjoy exploring. Sagittarius are committed to principles, values ​​and purposes. It is about the purpose of the means for them, not the means to the end.

Sagittarians are vigilant about what is possible and less concerned about what is. At work, they are honest, trustworthy and proud.

Sagittarius are open-minded and generous people. They love attention and praise. They are rarely jealous or possessive. The variable aspect of this sign means that the shooter is flexible and open to play it by ear.

Sagittarius are cozy and fun to be with, although they can sometimes be impatient and hasty. Some of the shooter's interests are religion, law, advice and dealing with complex social issues. Social responsibility is important to them.

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