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Celtic tree astrology is the astrological system practiced by the ancient Irish. It is based on an ancient Celtic symbol system. The Celtic zodiac is based on the beliefs of the druids and is based on the cycles of the moon. The year is divided into 13 lunar months, with a tree (sacred to the druids) assigned to each month. Each tree has special magical properties, the secret secrets of which come from the ancient Celtic alphabet, the Ogram. The Celts imagined the entire universe in the form of a tree, the roots of which grew deep down (in the ground) and the branches of which reached high (into the sky). Over time, the Celtic people finally determined one of the 13 phases of the moon in their calendar according to its magical properties with a tree. As such, the Celtic zodiac is based on the cycles of the moon, with the year divided into the 13 lunar months determined by the Druid religion.

The Druid religion was mainly based on awareness of natural and supernatural energies. These energies were identified with spirits and the Celtic druids believed that trees were given these spirits that dwelt in them and were perceived as attributes of the Supreme Being. Trees were seen as living beings with infinite knowledge and wisdom ... symbolically representative of the cycle of life, death and renewal and symbolically linked to the three levels of existence: mind, body and spirit. For Christians, it showed the essential core of Christian belief, in which God was the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For both beliefs, the Trinity Knot symbolized the way in which the three separate essences were vitally connected.

Overall, Celtic societies were based on equality and the balance between men and women ... the female druids were symbolized by the spirits who lived in the sacred trees. Each Celtic zodiac sign corresponds to a specific tree, a letter of the Ogham alphabet, a protective animal, a Celtic god and other objects such as precious stones.

The Celts have a long tradition of astrological learning, dating back to before Christianity and the beginning of Greek and Latin learning. For too long, this extensive and rich tradition of Celtic astrology has unfortunately been neglected.

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