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Biorhythms have been studied for many generations. As humans, we always try to understand ourselves better, and studying biorhythms tries to understand and draw the natural cycles of our body. This sounds simple until you are confronted with your biorhythms, which are represented as three mathematical lines on a diagram. Reading and interpreting both the current state of your biorhythms and the immediate future of your biorhythms may seem difficult at first.

Biorhythm readings are usually presented and cover the three main biorhythm cycles of physical, emotional, and intellectual states. The measurements are most commonly provided as a graph, with the horizontal line representing time (usually days) and the vertical line representing the measurement for that time. The measured values ​​are displayed either as a positive percentage, as zero or as a negative percentage - the maximum measured value is 100% and the minimum measured value is -100%. A measured value of zero is actually an "average measured value". Ok, so far so good, so for my physical biorhythm reading for today, I find the physical biorhythm curve (usually blue). I look along the biorhythm chart to find today's date and read vertically to get a reading that is between plus one hundred percent and minus one hundred percent. Repeat this process for the emotional biorhythm and the intellectual biorhythm.

Ok, that's all very simple and I'm sure most of you understand how to read numbers from a chart. Most important, however, is the need to be able to interpret the biorhythm reading in order to give meaning to you and your current state of being. As I said on a number of questions about biorhythms, it is really up to the individual how much he gets from reading biorhythms. Some people will tell you that if you have all three biorhythms that show -100% that you will not leave your home, while others (including myself) prefer to see such negative indicators as a warning that we may be a little more concerned about ourselves should take care of ourselves for our daily lives - a forewarned approach is forewarned.

If we take this philosophy a step further, it is easy to see that a 100% physical biorhythm reading, for example, indicates that we have more bounce in our stride, while a 100% reading may mean something feeling tired a little faster.

It is important to recognize that biorhythm cycles cannot predict significant life events - despite the many biorhythm gurus. You may have a heart attack on a 100% physical day, or feel sad on a 100% emotional day - it's just that these events aren't as bad as if they had occurred on more negative days.

More noteworthy are the days on which a transition between positive and negative occurs - the day on which a biorhythm value crosses the zero line. We all interpret these days as transitions and find that life in this area of ​​the biorhythm can be a bit more chaotic than usual.

Whatever your views on biorhythms, and however you use and interpret them, keep in mind that the fact that you have taken the time to study something that deals with you is in itself a fact is a useful and life-promoting act.

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