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There are ways to tell which readings are authentic psychic readings from a real clairvoyant, and to separate them from the false clairvoyant who tell you what they think you want to hear. You may want to take your partner to the next level, but the years go by and nothing gets better. You can even drift apart, but when you call your clairvoyant they keep telling you that everything is fine and just wait. If you listen to the clairvoyant instead of using your own gut feeling, you could spend too many years waiting for something that will never happen. The clairvoyant just told you to wait because he or she knew you wanted to hear it and that you would continue to call or log in to their clairvoyant chat.

Fake clairvoyants often try to encourage you, very often, maybe every week or every two weeks, to call you back or join their psychic chat line. This is a sure sign that the clairvoyant is not authentic with one exception. If you've just contacted the clairvoyant for the first time, even a real clairvoyant can tell you to call back or sign up soon if he can't finish your full reading.

There are real clairvoyants who say that any clairvoyant who tells you that he can remove negative energy from you is a fake. Those who are not authentic often use this tactic to entertain you online or talk on the phone for hours. They can tell you that they cannot remove the negative energy until you pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are some fraudulent readers who hunt desperate and lonely people who get the money even if they have to sell their furniture. An authentic clairvoyant may see evil, but he or she is not out to scare you.

Authentic clairvoyants don't even have to ask for your date of birth or other information. They don't have to give you a general astrological reading as they have connections to spirits on the other hand to help them see the future. Although it can be fun to know your astrology sign and the common characteristics of those born around the same time, anyone can interpret astrology. Only an authentic clairvoyant can give you an insight into the future that you did not know before reading.

You will know that if you did not reveal much of anything to the psychic, you had an authentic psychic reading, but he or she is telling you something that you could not possibly know if you were not a real psychician. The authentic clairvoyant asks you for your name and that's it. Then when you hear about your life and future events related to it, you know that you have found a real clairvoyant who is very gifted.

It is important not to contact an authentic clairvoyant if you only want to hear good things. The real ones will tell you things about you and your upcoming life that are good and not so good. However, there is a code of ethics in the psychological profession, and an authentic clairvoyant will not tell you when you will die. Even a real clairvoyant is probably not familiar with this information anyway.

Authentic clairvoyants do not use fear to make you keep in touch with them. They won't tell you that they can enchant someone or remove a hex. Most clairvoyants don't like black magic. They practice divination or use their psychic ability to contact their guides to help them with their readings. Some people see guides as guardian angels because they are beings of light who are meant to help people through this life. Authentic clairvoyants help you to achieve your highest good. An authentic psychic reading will reveal something that will help you become more loving and happier in your life by guiding you in some way. Ultimately, a true clairvoyant will never tell you what to do, but rather present the information and advise you to help you make your decision.

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