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Gemstones have been used since time immemorial for good luck and as a good omen. Kings and queens are reported to yearn for possession and persecution of beautiful gems and stones. Our forefathers used them to ward off evil spirits, bring good luck and favor, and extend their life expectancy. Some astrologers prescribe the use of appropriate gemstones or birthstones, commonly referred to as remedies to mitigate the harmful effects of some planets. This is comparable to a doctor prescribing medication to a patient.

The revered Indian astrologer Varahamihira refers to gemstones and their investigation in his Magnum opus "Brihat Amhita" (chapters 80 to 83). Gemstones are said to have been born from the bones of the demon Bala, while some believe that they were born from the wise Dadheechi and have characteristic properties of the earth. The list he gave includes diamond, sapphire, emerald, agate, ruby, blood stone, beryl, amethyst, vimalaka, quartz, pearl, suction handica, opal, shell, azure, topaz, brahma gemstone, jyoteerasa, sasyaka, coral, moonstone, etc. Diamonds that have scratches such as crow's feet (Kaakapadam), bees or hair, are mixed with colored minerals or gravel, have double facets, are burnt, discolored, lackluster or perforated are unfavorable. This also applies to bubbles that are split, flattened or elongated at the points. Diamonds that are triangular, trigonal, and like the coriander seed or the buttocks, give good results to women who want male offspring. The best pearls are those obtained from pearl oysters.

Everyone who went to school knows the word SPECTRUM. When white light passes through a prism, the emerging beam consists of seven (7) different colors, commonly known as the acronym VIBGYOR, i.e. H. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet in reverse order. The same effect is observed with a rainbow. It is believed that our body contains these seven colors in different proportions. If the colors are balanced, the owner is lucky - healthy and rich. Any lack or excess of one or more rays causes mental or physical (or a combination) problems. The main gemstones represent or denote planets and lights (sun and moon). The astrologer examines the horoscope and determines which planet (or planets) counteracts the native and prescribes the birthstone to be worn with details of what to wear, when and how to wear.

Ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, topaz, sapphire, diamond, agate and cat's eye each refer to the sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Caput (Rahu) and Cauda (Ketu). AGATE is said to be good for the heart, amethyst heals sterility, beryl promotes love and affection, coral protects against epidemics, metorrhagia etc., diamond heals plague, insomnia, magic, provides for safe delivery, Emerald is good for the brain, increased memory, provides chastity, cures dropsy, epilepsy, hysteria, dysentery, pearl is recommended for chastity, ruby ​​protects you from poison, plague, banishes melancholy, sapphire assures happiness, peace, consolation, while topaz sympathy, repossession means lost things .

The right choice of a gemstone is made after a brief consideration of:

o sun sign

ruling ascendant

o Lord of the ruling ascendant

Weakened or troubled planets

The basic principle is to determine the ray or rays that cause anomalies. It is known that the celestial bodies emit different colors in the spectrographic analyzes. One of the most important applications to which this knowledge can be applied is medicine. The healing powers of gemstones have been explored by some who believed that proper and restrictive use of some gemstones could significantly change and even cure patients' health. The twelve houses of the natives' horoscope are said to denote different parts of the body. The first house is the head and brain, while the fifth house is the stomach and intestines. Similarly, the signs of the zodiac refer to the various human organs. The fingers are hallmarks of various diseases and parts of the body. The birth star and drik houses (6th, 8th and 12th) are also to be considered when recommending a birthstone for a healthy life. The birth star is the constellation in which the moon is at the time of its birth. In Indian astrology there are 27 (twenty-seven) constellations, each divided into four parts or "padas". Sometimes Abhijit is also seen as a constellation found in Capricorn. In electoral astrology, Abhijit Muhurta is said to alleviate any ailment, and if no appropriate or favorable moment is immediately possible, it is used.

Birthstones not only help with health problems, they are also worn to increase prosperity. Thus, emerald, which denotes Mercury, is advantageous for someone who deals with liquid funds, stocks and shares, Jupiter for those who deal with real estate, buildings and jewelry, etc. The moon in the male horoscope and the sun in the female horoscope are important for predicting wealth issues. Jupiter is a success and Venus a pleasure in one's own life. Jupiter's placement on the east side, i.e. H. Aries to the Virgin, ensures early success in life. The 2nd house denotes movable property, 4th fixed assets, 9th general prosperity, fate and the 11th recurring income.

Sometimes people only know the date of birth and creating an accurate horoscope becomes difficult, if not impossible. You can tell them to wear the birthstone that is relevant to the date of birth. So those who were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of each month can first wear ruby ​​or red coral. The right gem can be worn through trial and error and after consultation. Some people wear a "Nava Ratna", i.e. H. A ring with all nine main stones embedded in the ring. While this can work for some miracles, it is not recommended as a general solution to appease all planets at once! The following factors should be considered when wearing a birthstone:

1. The right gem

2. Weight of the gem

3. Metal of the ring

4. Day and time of first wearing

5. Pretreatment of the stone before wearing.

Pretreatment refers to the cleaning or healing process of the embedded ring. The big question remains which school of opinion to follow - sympathy or antipathy? Whether to appease or counter the affected planet?

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