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Sometimes it seems like the world is made up of two types of people. One half who uses astrology and the other half who thinks that only backward idiots believe in such an "unscientific" thing. Needless to say, this attitude often keeps people who believe in astrology rather defensive and often secret. Let's take a good look at the people who believe in it and use the services of astrologers.

The most obvious feature of these people is that they have a research mind and are ready to make great efforts to find answers and solve problems.

Usually, people who go to an astrologer have already done their homework thoroughly. You have already covered all other investigation methods and are going the extra mile for another source of information.

Have you ever wondered why financiers, politicians and stockbrokers who use astrologers are so successful? The answer is twofold. They are successful because they make their decisions about the maximum possible amount of information, and they are very open-minded. This trait already makes them the most potentially successful BEFORE entering the astrologer's home.

In addition, the insights they gain from understanding current planetary transits are very useful regardless of your personal birth chart. While the diagram of each individual is different, global events, financial fluctuations and international trends mainly depend on the current planet positions.

Simply put, how global events affect a person's personal life is almost irrelevant to the emergence of global events. Of course, it is of paramount importance for an individual's life.

Understanding how the stars affect our personal lives is just another step towards understanding the universe and our connectivity with everything around us. This is another common denominator among people who believe in astrology. The desire to understand and honor the unity of the universe.

As most people would agree, this is a very positive attitude. It makes a person more open, friendly, accepting. I am an astrologer, so I obviously believe that astrology is a valid type of investigation and that astrology can be very accurate and extremely helpful. But this is not about whether astrology is true or false. I'm only talking about people who believe in astrology.

Belief in astrology is an expansion of consciousness. It's kind of the ultimate "attention" to everything around us. It is also a manifestation of the knowledge that none of us live in a vacuum. The universal energies present in the world affect all of us, and when you recognize this, you are at least curious about the stars and planets in the sky.

Letting go of the idea that we live, feel, experience, think, act and react without external influences is the first step towards a better, more harmonious, holistic and ultimately more successful life.

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