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Before we look at the technical aspects of astrology and how science works, we must first clarify what astrology is and what is not, as there are many misunderstandings about this science that need to be taken into account. Hopefully this article can do just that.

Astrology as belief is a science that essentially connects your outside world with your inside world to uncover the potential that you have as a person. This does not mean that the influences of astrology are absolute. Just because a person has an astrological map that shows they'll be a great leader of people doesn't mean that this will necessarily happen. This is where free will comes into play.

Astrological influences are like little threads that pull on every person. How much influence these strings have on you depends on your own willpower or, for many people, a lack of willpower. For example, astrological influences can lead someone to develop an addictive personality who is prone to problems such as drug, alcohol, gambling, or a number of other things. How likely it is that this person will actually become addicted depends heavily on their own free will and willpower. This does not minimize the astrological influences that could be very strong, but relativizes them in that they are not absolute. Free will is always the ultimate decision maker. You can fight the influences, whether good or bad, or you can give in to them.

That's where astrology comes in. With the help of astrology, it is easy to predict that there will be major changes in your life at home. External forces beyond your control may force certain changes. For example, forces can indicate that your home is in some danger, possibly from a storm or fire, or even a break-in. Where free will comes into play is how you deal with this news. You can ignore it and possibly have your house hit by a falling tree, or you can take precautions to avoid it, including exercise. Ultimately, you choose the final outcome in response to the intended problem.

Now if you use your free will to see what happens, some people would say that you really are doing nothing. That may be true. In this case, the normal response to what happens is fate. This can also be true. In any case, you have learned whatever you should learn from these astrological powers. When you have acted and it has turned out to be good, you have learned to rely on your instincts to do something. If you have not acted and a disaster has occurred, you have learned that you may need to be more determined. In either case, not fate, you have learned your lesson from astrological forces. This in itself could be called fate because that is how you should learn the lesson.

Many astrologers believe that you really have no choice. Ultimately, the astrological forces themselves have already decided what they choose. In other words, if an astrologer tells you that your job is in danger of being lost, and you are proactive and get another job before this happens, your actions have been predetermined by the astrological forces themselves, although it is your own free one Was.

Obviously, this theory will be discussed for centuries to come. But the point is, whatever the astrological powers hold for you, ultimately it's up to you to decide how to deal with them. Therefore astrology is not fortune telling. It's just a warning of things that can happen depending on how you react to the circumstances or not.

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