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The prevailing view regarding modern marriage and astrology is that both individuals must certainly have excellent timing for love life at the time of the ceremony, since marriage is always equal to true love.

Unfortunately that is wrong.

The results of our empirical research with extensive astrology and numerology show again and again that the event of marriage between two people has almost nothing to do with their individual romantic timing or the success of their relationship.

We are aware that our position on this matter is controversial, but people rely on us to present our results honestly and objectively, rather than glossing them over with inspiration and poetry to increase sales.

Below we list five of our results related to marriage and your romantic life.

1. The timing of love life is like any other area of ​​life (e.g. financially) personal and unique. Their collective timing is different from that of others at all times.

It would be extremely rare for two people to have excellent timing on the day of their marriage. In addition, in this case, they would probably have had a worse timing for love life than they met (considering that they don't get married within days of the first meeting).

2. Contrary to popular internet searches, trying to plan a wedding on an auspicious day is in vain. There are no auspicious days for everyone. A happy day for you could very well be a threatening day for your partner.

It is a myth that you can overcome challenging karma by starting something on a specific day. Personal karma is infinitely more important than electoral astrology and numerology, which determines the best time to initiate something. Elective astrology and numerology are great for getting the most out of your destiny, but they don't allow you to avoid your destiny. Therefore, the day you hold your wedding is practically irrelevant, apart from planning, to avoid unusual weather or other problems.

3. These three times are most important to understand the details of a relationship: when the two met, when they met, and when they first had sex.

These data provide us with an enormous amount of information in connection with the extensive astrological and numerological diagrams of the test subjects.

4. You can't do your collective timing better than it is (through "manifestation" techniques or otherwise), but you can make the most of it by seeing the circumstances in your life. For example, suppose you are very happy with your match, but she is so busy with her career that you don't have much time with each other. It is up to you to appreciate the time you have together and accept that no relationship is perfect.

5. Everyone has a unique love life karma. Some have steep challenges and on the other side of the spectrum others have wonderful, lifelong karma (although this is very rare). Most people are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Marry or celebrate an engagement party on the day that seems best, and find that the event of the marriage is a distant second of your intimate relationship.

We are aware that our knowledge can sometimes lead you to lose confidence in your romantic life. However, if you look inside to face the challenges honestly, accept what you can't change, take your chances and look at them with infinite gratitude, you can live a decent love life, regardless of your karma.

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