Astrology signs out of sync Create strange bedfellows – Amazing astrology signs

What are unsynchronized characters?

The twelve astrological signs are composed of the four elements of

Fire (3), Earth (3), Air (3) and Water (3). If you have planets

Characters that are incompatible are out of sync and can

cause some serious problems in your relationships.

For example, if you are a woman with your sun in cancer (water)

and your Mars is in Aquarius (air), your heart (sun) is out

Synchronize with your passion (Mars). That means you love a man

Who is emotional (water) and has a love for the house and the family

(Cancer). But you are physically attracted to an Aquarius

(Air) that is emotionally detached and completely unpredictable. He

has no interest in home and family. In this case, you can

Confuse yourself about your relationships because you may be

Looking for men who can't meet your cancer need for a home

and family life. If you understand this about yourself, yours

Motivation, wishes and attitudes will make more sense for you.

At this point you may be asking yourself, "What can I do about it?

conflicting needs? How do I find a man who is compatible with?

Me "? The obvious answer is to find someone of the same kind

of "settings" (characters) like you. You would have to consult one

Astrologer to help you determine the real attitudes of a man you

are attracted to your attractions and don't be fooled.

If you are a man and have your Venus in Gemioni (air) and yours

Moon is in the scorpion (water), your heart loves a woman who is

sensual, loyal and intense. But your Venus in twins leads you

to follow a woman who is cute, smart and very stimulating

mentally. But if you expect deep, emotional reactions from her

(what your moon needs), it will just fly away. she will

not be there for you You actually want a woman who is

bright and intellectual, but very intense, faithful and sensual a

Combination of both types of women. You would need too

consult an astrologer to determine reality

Attitudes of a woman you are attracted to and avoid

deceived by your own charms to her.

I just scratched the surface of the complexity of the

Characters and their infinite combinations. But with just this little one

A little insight can help you find out if you have any signs of this

sync and what they mean to you. An experienced astrologer can help

You make these provisions or you can learn from them


© 2005 Randall Curtis

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