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As in life, there are cycles in astrology. Astrologers study the shifts in the planetary patterns to understand what changes will occur for humanity. Saturn's entry into the Libra is such a cycle, which affects our relationships and our love life.

Saturn enters Libra on October 29, 2009 at 1:09 p.m. Eastern Time, and remains in Libra until April 6, 2010 when it plunges back into the Virgo. Then he enters the scales again on July 7, 2010 and remains in the scales until October 5, 2012. Essentially, we have three years in which this spirit prompts us to focus on and invest energy in peace, fairness, and a balanced life.

The astrology map for the moment Saturn crosses Virgo's borders and enters the Libra is a relatively strong map. Saturn will be able to do its job in balance, namely to build harmonious relationships, break relationships that are no longer useful or positive for you. You become aware of any unfair relationship and try to balance equality and have peace and harmony in your life.

The planet with the least strength and therefore most frustrated will be Mercury. Mercury is in Scorpio and is traveling next to the sun. Our ideas will be profound and intuitive, but cannot be realized. You may have developed various concepts that will help your life, career, and relationships. Different ideas and ways to make your future dreams come to mind, but the timing may be wrong and you may have to put up your brilliance until other circumstances allow you to respond to them.

Astrologers use a term called mutual reception when there are planets in the signs that govern each other. This happens with Mars (in Leo) and the sun (in Scorpio). Saturn in Libra has a duty to restore harmony and balance in relationships, and Mars has the power and the sun provides the will to do so. These astrological symbols can indicate that your desire for balance and harmony is facing considerable resistance in your life. that someone else's will could be pretty persistent and have an agenda to keep the relationship the same.

Venus, the ruler of the Libra, is also in the Libra. This underscores the purpose of Saturn in Libra to build healthy partnerships and especially romantic relationships. It is common to hear more news about divorces as Saturn moves through the scales while uncovering unhealthy patterns that have been ignored.

How can you use this astrological information? Know that it will be very important for the next 3 years to have the right relationships in your life. If you are in relationships that are not fair, rude or generally do not give you what your heart wants and needs, this astrology cycle will seriously challenge you. The good news is that you are asked to make changes so that you have people in your life who you enjoy, appreciate, and love.

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