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Among other things, physicist David Bohm believes that we could live in a universe that is just a holographic projection of a reality that exists outside of our universe. This idea certainly supports the Vedic idea that what we see is Maya or illusion, as well as the shamanic or pagan idea that we live in a dream world whose reality exists outside of our dream. Currently, holographic projections are cinematic and static, nothing like the very real, solid, lively, breathing, and loving universe that we see around us. There should be a complex holographic mechanism that enables the creation of our universe as we experience it, something that is archetypal, maybe even mythological.

If we live in a holographic universe, we have to ask ourselves what kind of mechanism would be required for such a universe to exist. The zodiac, the universal mythological sacred circle of animals or invigorating principles, would be this mechanism. I say this because we may be living in a twelve-sided dodecahedral universe.

Many have noticed for some that the cosmic microwave background radiation, the energy left over from the Big Bang, has small peaks in large areas of the sky. A smooth, circular expanding universe should give us a smooth background.

In 2003, French astronomer Jean Pierre-Luminet from the Paris Observatory published in the magazine in collaboration with an international group of astronomers nature their findings that the universe could be finite, about 30 billion light years wide, with twelve slightly curved pentagonal sides, similar to a soccer ball. This is important. With twelve pages, our universe could easily have some strong astrological qualities and connections. It could be that our universe is built on some kind of intelligence, in which certain important astrological laws are embedded.

In addition to the space with a possible astrological structure, time shows similar astrological connections. The astrological age is largely accurate enough to indicate an astrological template that controls human history over long periods of time. In this sense, the zodiac is a perfect mechanism for describing a holographic universe like ours. It is involved in the structure of space and manifests itself in the structure of time and the astrological age.

It would look like this. As a finite universe for this exercise, we can assume that there is a space marked for the creation of a physical universe, perhaps in a much larger area of ​​god-like or heavenly existence. A mental zodiac is set up, which serves as a creative template for physical creation. From this megaverse, a mother / father light beam, which contains information about both reality and manifestation, descends to a point on the edge of this zodiac. This light then divides into two rays, a mother ray and a father ray. The mother beam is reflected at an angle of 90 degrees away from the father beam. This mother ray, which contains information and knowledge about the goddess, circles the zodiac. The mother ray consists of twelve equal parts. One of these twelve rays is then reflected at each of the twelve astrological windows and diffused through the prism of each animation window into the center of the zodiac. Each window gives this light, which is essential for a physical universe, living properties.

The astrological zodiac contains two parts that are important for this concept. The seven original planets originally dominated the twelve astrological signs. In ancient times, the sign of Taurus was naturally placed on the ascendant, the position of the beginning of the First House. This placed the seven planets as rulers in a vertical line in the middle of the zodiac. The planet Saturn rules the signs Aquarius and Capricorn at the top of the circle. The midheaven sits between them. Planet Jupiter rules the next two characters from above, fish in a circle on the left and Sagittarius on the right. Jupiter is located directly under Saturn in this central hierarchy. The planet Mars, the next in the series of Jupiter in the solar system, rules the symbols Aries on the left and Scorpio on the right. Mars sits in the middle under Jupiter. Then comes Venus, who rules the bull on the left and the Libra on the right.

On the fifth level of this axis, the planet Mercury rules the twins on the left and the Virgo on the right. Mercury also rules division as a property that gives this position the archetypal explosion of creation in a variety of expressions. Below, the lights, the moon and the sun rule one sign each and express the creative quality of the complete and obvious division into female and male life, yin and yang. The moon rules cancer on the left and the sun rules lions on the right. The IC, the bottom of the zodiac, sits between them.

The father ray continues to descend along this mythical axis Mundi into the center of the creative astrological template. A seventh of its ray is diffused into the creative matrix at each planetary projection center in order to mix with the twelve incident mother rays. This creates a dynamic and lively moray eel pattern of creative potential. The twelve energies of the mother mix with the seven energies of the father and create circular wave patterns that contain all twelve properties and the knowledge of the mother and the seven father.

What is now needed to make it manifest is a third ray of children to illuminate the moray eel pattern. The father beam descends to the bottom of the Mundi axis and invigorates the moon and the sun. These two signs are symbolic of woman and man, yin and yang in creation. The mother ray that comes in through the animating portals of cancer and lion is combined with the father ray. Men and women are born on an archetypal level. They are the original Hero Twins, the Greek sun god Apollo and his sister, the moon goddess Artemis.

A third beam of light is generated that reflects the divine child. The moon and sun go out by themselves. This childrens beam moves the Mundi axis back and supplies each of the seven planetary projector centers with energy. This light then diffuses into the moray eel pattern that illuminates the pattern, and our universe manifests itself firmly and physically, moves, breathes and loves.

As men and women, we are the hero twins in an obvious form. We are the moon and the sun that manifest in the human body. An important aspect of the theory of the holographic universe is that humans are co-creators in our universe. We create happiness or grief, depending on our mental projections and our way of thinking. According to scientists and others who hold on to this possibility, we are the third creative ray. But our journey back to the axis of creation is full of obstacles. This is the mythical hero's journey.

In the Orient, the spiritual concept of people with seven chakra centers along our spinal axis is based on this astrological reality. Each of the seven chakras corresponds to each of the seven planetary rulers of the twelve heavenly gates. Those who attribute this view report that the chakras, the projector centers, are blocked with different mental attitudes and fears, so we have great difficulty in expressing a more loving universe from our higher centers. At the moment we tend to project pretty well through our two lower chakras. These centers are centers of survival and struggle, expression and domination of the ego, the qualities of cancer and lions.

We meditate and practice spiritual exercises to cleanse our spinal axis and gain access to our higher projector centers. When we learn to do this with greater purity, we access our ability to send new third ray energies into the creative matrix that illuminate the moray eel pattern with higher level creative energies. Once we reach the heart center ruled by Venus, the planet of love, we will create a universe of love, compassion, prosperity, and happiness. The bottom two survival centers will change to project ray-nourishing adventures, cancer and Leo realities that work in accordance with Mercury in the third chakra and with Venus in the fourth chakra.

When we live in a universe of dream-time illusion and Maya of holographic proportions, astrology becomes the most dynamic and complete mechanism that has been developed for such a creation.

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