Astrology horoscope for all zodiac signs December 13, 2007 – Great astrology signs

Astrology forecast December 13, 2007

There have been some very important astrological changes lately.

In essence, Jupiter and Venus changed characters a few weeks ago. Venus moved in her own sign of Libra and Jupiter in his own sign of Sagittarius. Those who have read this newsletter should remember that I have indicated that the situation would improve after this shift. Although it may be a little difficult to feel personal due to the nature of Mars in Gemini and some other factors that I will discuss, things have largely improved. There have been some important events recently, particularly among our government, that clearly show this.

Iran nuclear program

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Iran had actually abandoned its nuclear weapons program, as they said, and the international nuclear regulatory commission had also reached the same conclusion. This was a National Intelligence Estimation Report. As a result, the president and other hardliners continue to strike an overly familiar-sounding war drum that worries many citizens because of their similarity to the battle cry before the invasion of Iraq. However, this is now much more difficult to sell. After all, this is the President's secret service.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

However, this is not a political, but an astrological column. The months leading up to this news were marked by increasing rhetoric, which should lead to military conflicts. Suddenly everything changed. What has happened astrologically to cause this?

Jupiter is the planet of grace, wisdom and expansion. The influence of Jupiter is often quick and sudden and leaves us hopeful, especially when Jupiter enters a fire sign like Sagittarius. Currently Jupiter is at 5 ° Sagittarius and the south node, Ketu is at 6 ° Leo. Jupiter throws a very favorable trinal aspect in a very narrow ball to the south knot. In addition to the aspects that the planet produces, there is a strong Nakshatra influence here. Both Jupiter and Ketu are in Ketus Nakshatra. Jupiter is in Mula and Ketu is in Magha.

Mula Nakshatra - Ruled by Ketu

The nakshatra of Mula is associated with the destruction of darkness and even evil. The Nakshatra of Magha is associated with kings, claims and legacies. In the west, this star is known as Regulus. In addition, Ketu is related to the past (as the parentage gives royalties). It refers to hidden strengths that we have, that we often overlook or fail to use, or that are hidden from us. How fascinating that this national intelligence report comes to light as soon as Jupiter enters Kula's ruled Nakshatra of Mula, which refers to destruction as a creative force. In fact, this information has been known since 2005. This revelation has torn apart a certain amount of lethargy in the face of increasing rhetoric about Iran. It is Mula Nakshatra's power to break things to pieces. However, we have also seen other things torn to pieces, particularly in relation to religious and educational issues - Jupiter issues. Gunfights in churches, schools and shopping centers seem to be commonplace today. This is also the influence of Mula. Of all the nakshatra, Mula is the one most associated with murder - Ardra is the other, the nakshatra, in which Mars is located.

More recently, like this week, there has been increased reporting of torture practices practiced by the United States government, namely waterboarding. There has been a debate in the recent past as to whether waterboarding is torture or not. After all, the national press was interested in history and speaks honestly about it. It is interesting what we called waterboarding torture when the Khmer Rouge used this "improved polling tactic". But suddenly politicians fiddle with themselves to draw the same conclusions.

Venus in the Libra

What does that have to do with astrology? Venus entering the Libra shows more diplomacy, courtesy and humanity returning to our collective consciousness. In addition, the Venus ruled by Rahu in the Nakshatra of Swati becomes even clearer. Rahu is related to the hidden forces that shape the future. A powerful Rahu will show someone who is always a step ahead of the curve and who shapes public opinion instead of following it. It is ideal for public relations. Because of this, Rahu also gives psychic skills and it is very good for making astrological predictions.

However, Rahu is unpredictable and in many ways unfounded. It is a head without a body, without a digestive system. The Swati Nakshatra is dominated by Vayu, the wind and also the breath. Waterboarding is a technique that simulates drowning. You gasp for air.

Dangers of the knot

The nodes show dangerous and unpredictable energies in the game. There are currently five planets in the Nakshatras that are governed by the nodes. Mars in particular is still causing chaos in Ardra. For this reason, there were unpredictable shootings in schools, shopping centers and churches - a new incident almost every day. I wrote months ago about Mars in Ardra and its relationship to the California wildfires and the importance of Ardra's Nakshatra in war. We should see some of these Martian problems subside as he approaches Jupiter in transit.

Overall, however, there have been some great bright spots lately. We must all do what we can to pray for the less fortunate. That includes our leaders and all these marginalized citizens of the world.

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