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At 26 degrees Sagittarius Galactic center the Milky Way is hidden behind a veil of dust and gas. When Pluto, the outermost planet of our solar system (symbolic of the parts of us that we have the least access to) moves to the same extent, we experience seismic shifts deep in our universal unconscious. The last time this happened was in 1745, the birth of the industrial revolution. Daily life changed irrevocably as workers moved from farms to arms production due to the Jacobite uprising in Britain and the expansion of textiles. The polarity of religious fundamentalism and research was represented by the birth of Hasidism and universalists. Ben Franklin ran his kite to use electricity. And of course the voices of the American and French revolutions picked up speed.

In the 1500s, when Pluto reached this level, the first map of America was published and the Protestant Reformation swept through Europe to lay the foundation for the founding of the United States. Every time Pluto confronts the Galactic Center, we experience a death of the familiar routine of life as we accept the "new birth". It becomes impossible for us to go back to what was before as we grapple with changes that we may not be able to cope with in the most advanced way.

When Pluto traveled through this point in the 1250s, glasses were introduced and Marco Polo went to China. The most revealing piece about the historical view of a transit is that we can see parallels to what has happened in the past with the present. Our medical technology continues to offer options for people, but we have to deal with its effects. To date, the wounded US soldiers from Iraq who cannot return to service are more than 7,500. Our technology has changed the potential victims of this war, but the long-term consequences of mutilated survivors with limited services will have far-reaching implications. To have an impact on our society.

Historically, we see how technology has changed the "seeing" of life. At this point, a spa owner tells me that her clients don't relax with the massage or treatment. Everyone has their cell phone on or Blackberry is on; We are "married" to the technology and it seems to have the signature of a co-dependent relationship at best or, at worst, an abusive relationship.

Another topic was religious expression and fundamentalism. The US has its roots in it and we continue to struggle with the inherent paradox of giving everyone complete religious freedom. Pluto's message is always about hitting the shadow in the mirror. Do we embrace and integrate it, or do we try to exterminate it without fulfilling its lessons?

When the retrograde Pluto returns to the point of the Galactic Center, we have a choice of how to deal with the Mayan Age of Destruction. We can reevaluate the choices made when previous explorers tried to conquer new worlds to make them their own. We integrate cellular changes that are caused by the increasing electromagnetic field of our technology and affect the development of all life forms on our planet. We can choose to revisit the Sagittarian celebration of the earth and the inherent information we can gain from it. If we went into the industrial revolution, did it have to be at the expense of agriculture and family solidity? Can we balance the freedom that technology should bring us with a highly developed cooperative for agriculture and education? We have the power to decide what is destroyed and what is born. But don't make a mistake, the more everyone takes responsibility for the fate of our culture, the more spiritual our decision will be. We have the opportunity to align our spiritual development with our technical development, and every time we miss the opportunity it becomes more difficult to catch up. The focus of Pluto's path is to give us the chance to spend light years in one life.

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