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We all know the main and secondary aspects of astrology and the importance that is attached to them. But what about the aspects that are not so important? If you look at astrology from a numerological point of view, you would automatically take into account all divisions of the Natal diagram by numbers one through nine. The main current astrology, however, only concentrates on the numbers one (conjunction), two (opposition), three (trine), four (square), five (quintile), six (sextile) and finally eight (semi-square). These are considered the main aspects, with the sextile, the semi-square and the quintile all being considered as secondary aspects in descending order.

When some astrologers deal with the main aspects (conjunction, trine, square, and opposition), they allow up to 10 degrees for aspects related to the sun, moon, or ascendant, but only 6-8 degrees for the other planetary aspects. The less important aspects, sextile, sesqui square and inconjunction, may have a 2 degree sphere. However, the rarely used aspects, novile and septile, are often listed in astrological programs with a standard 0 degree sphere and appear as such only in a table if an aspect of a planet, an angle, etc. is accurate. What about these other numbers, the seven and the nine, given all this active discrimination?

The number seven divides the diagram into segments of approximately 51 degrees and is called the septile, but is used very little. However, the number nine is rarely, if ever, used. The nine divides the zodiac wheel of an astrological map by 40 degrees. This aspect is called novile. Interestingly, Novil is given much greater importance in Indian or Vedic astrology in the case of a Navamsa map, where each 40-degree section of the original map spans a 360-degree circle. This feature in Eastern Astrology increases the weight of the case to make more use of this particular aspect. Why ignore the obvious meaning?

The seventh (7) is the first number of all aspects that do not divide equally. The general interpretation of this is that something sacred and sacred is going on here because this division is a somewhat irrational force of energy. Similar to the numerological interpretation of number seven, septiles contain spiritual power and imply the possibility of a cosmic intervention. Septiles indicate harmony and union, albeit in a non-compliant manner. These aspects can indicate extraordinary creative efforts for self-knowledge and final understanding. Septiles resonate with the energy of Venus, Cardinal, Air and Librarian.

When operated as a transit, they can represent roundabouts or forks on the street where we decide how to define our future. 7 is the Saturn number, therefore it is assumed that these points deal with "fate". Character is fate; You make your character through your decisions; and you face fate with the creative use of your potential. This is the responsibility that we take on as a result of Saturn teaching. Every planet that septilizes another planet has met a fork in the process, a point where reason may not help your decision-making. Relying on your intuition and accepting leadership in this way helps to make this energy irrational.

A novile (9) occurs when two planets are forty degrees apart. It would require a tight ball, but not necessarily an exact one: maybe two or three degrees. The novel series of aspects relates to tears and sextiles. They are all in the same family, so to speak. Interestingly, the word novena is rooted in the novile and is also related to the nine muses and the ennead. The Novil conveys a somewhat charismatic, transcendental, mystical power, latent karmic details and spiritual growth. It is meant to indicate development or the ability to digest information necessary for evolutionary growth. Novels can refer to a ceremony and relate to marriage. Novels resonate with Jupiter, fire, changeable and sagittarian energy. This aspect can also symbolize a kind of “bondage” under which people are in relation to the planetary energies involved. It is an aspect that can help you recognize and release past lives that keep you in bondage. This aspect is often used in disciplines such as karmic and spiritual astrology.

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