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Have you ever wondered why some places you've lived or traveled to have had experiences that are either overwhelmingly positive or negative? With AstroCartoGraphy, developed by astrologer Jim Lewis, you can determine the astrological influences on your current, past or potential locations. If you look at your resettlement map, you can see the planetary influences of your location as if you were born there.

This information is invaluable when considering moving to a new location. Your implementation diagram can help you choose a new location that improves your life instead of causing more trouble. It can also explain why living conditions seem more difficult in certain places ... even if you don't live there.

For example, I have a line of Saturn through Denver, which is usually not a good place for me, but good for material resources (Saturn). When my grandmother died from Capricorn (Capricorn is the sign of Saturn), I inherited a building in Denver (material property; Saturn). Overall, it was a good experience, but it was a challenge (Saturn) as I tried to manage it (Saturn) from outside the state.

Another instance of "Remote" AstroCartography concerned the distribution of my first music CD. Music is ruled by Neptune and it turns out that I have a large Neptune line that runs straight through Milwaukee, WI. Would you like to guess the location of the distributor who sold the most copies of my CD? Yes ... Milwaukee, WI!

Your relocation chart is also a great tool to find out which cities are best for business expansion, real estate investment, personal relationships, careers, and money. Even if you don't want to live in a specific location, you can use your location map to determine where your goals are supported in one of these areas.

AstroCartoGraphy or re-location can be used to understand the influences of the past or to support your future growth. In any case, it's a powerful tool to learn how to be in the right place ... all the time!

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