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Eyes are the best gift of our life and play an important role in our life. Our eyes work as the most advanced electronic automatic camera. The pupils of the eyes open to adjust the focus; Accordingly, the eye muscles contract or consume to allow proper light to enter the interior. Colors are identified and a real picture develops in our head. The whole process is done automatically. If the function of the eyes is disturbed for various reasons, the eyes can be temporarily or permanently damaged.

If the eye diseases that appear mild are not treated properly or are treated incorrectly, there is a possibility that eyesight may be lost.

Astrological factors that affect vision:

2./12. House: The 2nd and 12th signs of the zodiac above the right and left eyes.

Sun Moon: The sun rules the right eye and the moon rules the left eye.

Venus / Jupiter: Venus rules the second sign Taurus and Jupiter rules the twelfth sign Pisces. When Jupiter and Venus together with the Ascendant in the 6th / 8th / 12th Being housed at home can cause eye problems.

Mercury: regulates eyesight and optic nerves.

Astro analyzes various eye diseases:

Optic atrophy:

  • Damage to optic nerves caused by areas outside the eyes such as syphilitic infections, increased intracranial pressure due to brain tumors, drug or chemical allergies and degeneration of optic nerves can lead to optic atrophy.
  • The suffering of the sun and moon in the 2nd and 12th houses and Mercury in severe suffering in the table can cause optical atrophy in the natives.


  • This is a serious eye condition caused by an increase or sudden pressure in the liquid around your eyes. If this pressure is not relieved, the eyeball will become hard, the retina and optic nerves will be damaged and blindness may also occur.
  • Sun and moon in the 2nd / 12th Saturn / Rahu home can suffer from glaucoma.


  • The eyes can focus on nearby objects, but the distant view is blurry. It is also known as myopia.
  • Affected sun and moon can cause myopia problems.

Color blindness:

  • The patient can no longer distinguish between red and green color.
  • Venus is particularly badly affected by Saturn, and the Taurus sign is also badly affected, which can lead to color blindness among the natives.


  • Due to the clouding or crystallization of the eye lenses or their capsule, the victim cannot see normal objects properly due to the lost opacity of the eye lenses.
  • Venus / Jupiter in the 6th / 8th / 12th House in connection with the ascendant and sun and moon are in the 2nd / 12th House affected.
  • Mercury affected in the 2nd / 12th Home can lead to cataract problems.

Squinting eyes / boss eyes:

  • In this state, the eyes are not properly aligned.
  • Natives who were born during the day and moon and Mars combined in the 8th house showed crossed eyes.
  • Moon / Mars set in ascendant and selected by Jupiter / Venus, shows narrowed eyes.
  • Mars, which is placed in the 7th house and shows the moon in the Leo sign and the lord of the 9th in Aries / Leo / Scorpio / Capricorn-squinted eyes, is indicated.
  • Mars in 7th place, with the sun in the Cancer sign and the 9th Lord in Aries / Leo / Scorpio / Capricorn, indicate a native with boss eyes.
  • Moon and sun in the 2nd / 12th Haus indicate a clear disorder of the crossed eyes.
  • Sun and moon combined with retro planets in the 6th / 12th House indicate a narrowed eye.

One eye problem:

  • Any evil placed in the 6th house gives weakness to the left eye, and any evil placed in the 8th house causes problems with the right eye.
  • The moon in the 2nd and the sun in the 12th house cause problems with the left and right eyes.
  • Mars in the 12th house gives problems with the left eye, whether Saturn in the 12th house has problems with the right eye.
  • The sun is in the Ascendant / 7th house and is chosen by Saturn. The native gradually loses sight of the right eye.
  • Sun combined with Rahu / Mars in the Ascendant / 7th house, which is chosen by Saturn, indicates a disease of the left eye.
  • Moon Set in Leo ascendant and chosen by Saturn and Mars, the native will have affected the left eye.
  • Sun and Saturn combined in the 9th house and without beneficial influences indicate that the native has crossed the left eye, and sun placed in Leo Ascendant and chosen by Saturn and Mars shows the narrowed right eye.
  • Sun / Moon placed 12 and 6. House showed left eye problem.
  • Sun / moon in the 2nd and 8th house indicate a narrowed right eye.


  • Due to infections, accidents or degenerative eye diseases, the native can temporarily or permanently lose all eyesight.
  • Sun and moon set by Saturn in the 2nd / 12th cent. Home affliction, and suffering from the signs of bull and fish can cause blindness.
  • The 2nd house is viewed from Saturn and the moon and the 12th house has a connection between Saturn and aspects of Mars. The native will be completely blind.
  • Sun and moon as well as the 2nd and 12th houses are subject to the aspects / associations of Mars and Saturn. The native can lose his eyesight.
  • Mars, Moon, Saturn and Sun should occupy the 2nd, 6th, 12th and 8th houses. The native will be stone blind.
  • Lords of the Ascendant, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 9th, together in the 6th / 8th / 12th House can give the native stone blindness.
  • In Leo Ascendant Sun and Moon combined in Ascendant and Aspectated by Saturn and Mars means that the native is stone blind from birth, but if the combination is aspirated by either Saturn or Mars, the native becomes blind after birth.
  • Sun and Rahu in Ascendant and Saturn and Mars in Trigon can cause blindness.
  • Sun and Lord of the Ascendant together in the 2nd / 6th / 8th / 12th House the native will be blind from birth.
  • Mars in the 2nd house and Sun in the 8th house can cause blindness.
  • The moon in the 6th and Saturn in the 12th house can also impair vision.
  • Saturn, Mars and moon in the 6th / 8th / 12th House indicate blindness.
  • Mars is the lord of the 2nd, sun and moon in the 8th house and Saturn in the 6th / 8th / 12th House blindness is shown.
  • Lords of 2nd and 12th in combination with Venus and Lord of Ascendant in the 6./8 ./12. House indicate lost eyesight.
  • The in the 6./8 ./12. House-set moon and Saturn and Mars in each house show lost eyesight.
  • From Ascendant Moon to 6th place, Sun to 8th place, Mars to 2nd place and Saturn to 12th place shows the certainty that the native loses his eyesight.

Eyes twitch / flicker:

  • The eyelid flickers due to involuntary contraction of the eye muscles.
  • Every malicious planet in the 2nd house is also affected by a benevolent planet that indicates a flickering eye.
  • Moon / sun placed in Leo ascendant and selected by malicious and benevolent planets indicates a flickering of the eyes.

Night blindness:

  • The native cannot see at night or in low light.
  • Lord of 2nd in combination with Venus and Moon in the Ascendant can cause night blindness.
  • Venus and Mars, combined in the 7th house and attacked by malefactors, can cause night blindness.

General eye problems:

  • Venus, placed in the Ascendant / 8th House, selected by the evil planet, indicates that constant tears are rolling from your eyes.
  • Lord of 2nd is associated or viewed by the sun and Mars shows reddening of the eyes.
  • Rahu in Sun's 5th house indicates eye problems.
  • The Saturn in the 4th house, which is affected by malicious people, indicates eye problems.
  • Mars and Rahu combined in Ascendant indicate eye problems.
  • The weakened moon was Set up house and selected by malefactors
  • The moon is in second place in front of the sun in the horoscope and is combined with malignant.
  • Moon in 10th place, which is affected by malicious aspects without beneficial aspects, can cause eye problems.
  • Malicious planets in the 4th and 5th house and moon in the 6th / 8th / 12th cent. House indicate eye problems.
  • The sun is either against the ascendant or against Mars and affects vision.
  • Sun and moon combined in cancer / lion and viewed from Mars and Saturn indicate weak eyes.
  • Mo and sun in the 9th house indicate an eye disease.
  • Mars, which is second to the sun, indicates eye problems, and if Mercury is second to the sun, this indicates a mark on the eye.




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