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Nowadays more and more people contact me for an astrology reading because they want a new life. This new lease could include a better place to live, start a home business, earn money, or retire.

Sometimes they're just fed up with the area they live in, the people they work with or relate to, themselves because they stay there too long, the quality of life or lack thereof, and them want out of Dodge NOW.

Astrology is a perspective to find your best city, place, or place here or overseas. It is not the only one. I would like to point this out. Checking your daily horoscope for entertainment is one thing that makes a big difference in life - that's another story.

This article comes from notes that came recently from a conversation between resettlement astrologer Cait Benten - that's me - and my friend Christine Troward.

Cait, what can people expect from a reading on relocation astrology?

When you contact me, I know you want to find your best city or location to work, have a successful career, maybe start a business at home, keep your family safe or in to retire, and so one of the first questions I 'I'm usually asked, "What is relocation astrology? What are you doing?"

What information do you need to perform a relocation astrology reading?

The relocation astrology begins with your birth chart - what we astrologers call your birth chart. Where were you born? What was the exact time of your birth. Check your birth certificate. I spend many hours moving your birth chart to find out where you can live best. It's a long, demanding, and lengthy process, and it takes many hours to find the best places to match your birth chart.

What about these cheap computer programs? What are your limits?

A computer program won't find what I'm looking for when I'm working on your astrology card. There are too many variables and computer programs are not intuitive. So I interview you and ask what you are looking for in your life. All of this happens before I start your astrology reading, which I record and send to you. You listen, then we follow with a session where you ask me all your questions.

As I understand it, your astrology readings don't tell people that they have to move to a certain place to be successful.

I tell you in advance that even your cheapest location will bring its own challenges. Oh, life was perfect! Before you go to a particular place or move to another one, I recommend that you count the costs.

Moving astrology isn't just about packing and moving because I'm telling you, "This seems to be your cheapest location." I will encourage you to count the costs before moving. Are you ready for a big change in life? Every step I have ever taken required an induction and adjustment phase, and I am sure that this will also apply to you.

Moving takes a lot of planning and thinking before you pack your things and go somewhere, doesn't it? Moving becomes even more complicated if you move overseas, although more and more Americans are retiring overseas.

You have now moved! Moving to your new area is just the first phase of many new things that you need to deal with, including a decision that can include buying a home, registering your vehicles, and finding your school location, and it's much easier When you move you already have a job in line unless you are retired. When you are retired, how much will you miss seeing your children or grandchildren? Some treat this problem better than others.

Do you use astro-cartography or Vedic resettlement astrology in your work? I find that many people like to have their astro-cartography map done.

I know both systems, but over the years I've integrated the best techniques I've come across. However, I rely on my intuition and higher wisdom when looking at a difficult diagram. This is the only way to overcome the apparently insurmountable obstacle to reading a person's astrology.

Do you ever feel like people want you to decide what to do for them?

I will not do that and I will not do any other serious astrologer. Check my disclaimer page at http: and you will see where I honestly tell you: "Wherever we move our EMOTIONAL SELVES, travel with us." Some people will need more medical, financial and emotional advice than others, and I urge you to use these professional resources if your life situation requires such support.

The other day, a woman said to me, "I want you to send us to a place where my husband stops using drugs." I had to say to her gently but firmly: "Your husband makes his own decisions in life. I refuse to be responsible for whether your marriage works or not."

As a relocation astrologer, I will tell you that our life, no matter where we live, becomes what we want it to be. The beauty of an area depends on you and how you treat others, just as they treat you. Wherever you go, there you are.

However, a new location can breathe new life into you. Maybe after all these years, it's time to leave Dodge City and find a place that you appreciate and where you are valued.

Find that some people are attuned to their way and resist any suggestions for what they are, just suggestions that you see as a good place on your chart.

If you call me for a relocation astrology, I will use everything I know to help you find your best place or city. I had a handful of customers who, after searching and searching for a match for days based on the movement of their birth or birth chart, said, "I don't like this place." "My kids won't like it." My husband says the people in Tucson are not friendly. "I've heard that people judge places they have never been to because they are too judgmental about areas they don't know about.

It's strange to hear a relocation astrologer admit this, but there were a handful of people I made astrology maps for, and there isn't a best place to live, and I told them that. Maybe there is a second or third best place where they would live a very good life. So you know that I'm being honest with you.

If I tell you that Santa Barbara looks cheap based on your birth or birth certificate and you say "Not Santa Barbara" or "Oh no, not Austin, Texas", then after I have pointed out all of your best geographic areas, I will say, "Then use your intuition. There are no other places I can send you."

Why do you think resettlement astrology is a valuable tool, although you have told me on other occasions that it is just one of many tools that could be helpful for a person looking for the next place to call home can?

Although I am a little more expensive than some other astrologers, I have been incredibly busy since I started Astro-Earth Relocation five years ago, so I am no longer advertising or advertising for customers.

Reputation is everything?

It helps, but you can only build a reputation if you do a great job for your customers. Most of my business now consists of word-of-mouth recommendations from former customers.

Are you telling people that they have to move to find success or love, make money or be happy?

No, I'm not telling them that they have to take this step by this or that date. I tell my customers to ask themselves, "What would happen if you were happy now and didn't move at all? Would that disappoint you?" Some people are restless for change. It is not a good reason to move. Happiness is an inside job; You have to provide your own internal cabin pressure no matter where you live.

I will close my article on relocation astrology, which I hope you are curious enough to try to experience this type of unique astrology reading, with a quote from my friend James Clayton Napier that he wrote his wonderful article Business & Career opens: Know your ruling star, which you can read on the Internet:

"Know your ruling star. A man [or woman] is welcomed better by one nation than by another or by one city than by another. He finds more happiness in one office or position than in another, and although his qualifications are the same or even the same. Let every man know his luck and talents. Follow your guide star and help him without confusing others. Know how to transplant yourself. There are nations with which you have to cross their borders in order to make its value tangible. "

- Balthasar Gracian (Spain, 1600)

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