An energetic understanding of the 12 zodiac signs – The Best astrology signs

After 10 years of astrology, the basic energetic manifestations of the twelve signs were observed. This is the basis for the well-known pop descriptions that can be read in their daily newspaper. The following descriptions of the signs are based on the MANIFESTATION ENERGETIC PATTERN and not on pop descriptions.

You will find a real treasure trove in the explanations for the 12 zodiac signs. This article is intended to improve understanding of why the pop descriptions were created.

The energetic manifestations are therefore called: cardinal, firm and changeable. These are known as "modalities". The Hindus describe it as the 3 states of being: the creator (Brahma), the sustainer (Vishnu), the destroyer (Shiva).

The initial phase can be compared to a rush of energy, a pouring out of creation energy. Its energetic manifestation is centrifugal or moves outward from a concentrated center.

The middle phase or preservation phase is basically static in nature, strong and concentrated, unchangeable and structurally perfect. Its energetic manifestation is centripetal and moves inward to a concentrated center.

The final phase is unpredictable and transformative. Its energetic manifestation is spiral, both centrifugal and centripetal.

The characters corresponding to the initial phase are called "cardinal characters". They are Aries (Cardinal Fire), Cancer (Cardinal Water), Libra (Cardinal Air) and Capricorn (Cardinal Earth).

The characters corresponding to the maintenance phase are referred to as "fixed characters". They are bull (solid earth), lion (solid fire), scorpion (solid water) and Aquarius (solid air).

The characters corresponding to the final phase are called "changeable characters". They are twins (changeable air), Virgo (changeable earth), Sagittarius (changeable fire) and fish (changeable water).

Cardinal signs

Cardinal signs are creators, initiators, projectors. They start things in connection with their element.

For example, Aries initiates through the fire element. Fire is associated with characteristics such as vitality, exuberance and warmth. A ram will project his personality into the world for good or bad through these characteristics.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. People with a strong focus on Capricorn on their map (not just the sun) initiate (cardinal) through tangible things (earth). Therefore, the Capricorn's pop descriptions are hard-working types who often run their own businesses. But that's a pop description. You will initiate through everything that is tangible, i.e. H. Through everything that is felt by the senses. They are very creative in the fields of cooking, music, visual and performing arts, and business. Capricorns are excellent mothers because they know how to build lasting relationships with the comfort of creatures.

Cancer begins with the water element. The focus is on water, which is emotionality and relationships. Hence the pop descriptions of cancer as excellent mothers. But they can also be very effective business and sales people if they build relationships through emotions such as friendliness and receptivity.

The air element will initiate the scale with ideas and concepts. Air is associated with mental constructs and intellectuality. As a side note, I find it interesting that all air signs (twins, Libra and Aquarius) are represented by humans instead of animals. The attribution of discrimination to the air element may shed light on this interpretation.

Fixed characters

Fixed characters remain. You are determined and resist change. Their auras carry a strong concentration of energy, which forms a centripetal energy pattern. This is an inward radiant energy pattern that draws other people into their space. Some people describe this as "personal power", whether for constructive or destructive purposes. This warehouse of "power" enables you to easily see through projects until they are completed. Depending on the element, there are always some "control" problems. People who have a strong concentration of fixed signs in their diagram have a very strong willpower, whether realized or not. You will accept an idea, a feeling, a concept or a habit and add this intensity of strength, which almost creates another unity in and of itself. Because there is such a concentration of forces, they cannot fluctuate easily. I would say that if it doesn't come out of itself, they won't sway. Now for a few examples.

Bull is solid earth. Since the supernatural state of the earth is fixed, this is the most persistent sign in the zodiac. The opinions and values ​​of this sign are very difficult to change, they are rooted in the subtle element of the earth. Please note that I said "opinions and values" because tauren can be sensitive to the outside world. It is what comes out of them that is determined. A person with a bull, which is strongly emphasized in the birth diagram, has a very tough charisma and an immense endurance. The energetic manifestation is centripetal and moves over the earth element towards a concentrated center. Therefore, the Taurians are forced to "control" tangible things like their immediate physical surroundings, their appetite and their wardrobes. The sign of the bull corresponds to the 2nd house of the zodiac, which is, among other things, the house of merit. Regardless of whether a bull earns a little or a lot, his income should be solid, or they quickly lose their sense of security and traction, which in their minds resembles death.

Leo is a permanent fire sign. It has a centripetal energy pattern so that the fire energy shines inwards. Such a high concentration of fire energy makes it like the sun. Fittingly, the sun rules Leo. Leos are very warm and can be very charismatic. Identity tends to be strongly emphasized, which explains the pop description of their egocentricity. Because of the centripetal energy pattern, they tend to attract other people's attention, making them very sensitive to their abundance or lack. As a result, they can transform into someone who is always attentive. Leo is also a sign of creativity and creates an identity or myth that attracts others' attention. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of musicians and movie stars are Leos. The control problem is one of the attention.

Scorpio is a permanent watermark. The control problem is emotions (from others and their own). The subtle element water is associated with emotions, so the scorpion's centripetal energy pattern attracts the emotions of others. Regardless of whether you are aware of it or not, Scorpio will manipulate the emotions of others. This is not something they are trying to do; You just can't help yourself, it's automatic. Water will melt with things, so to speak soak them up. Scorpio has the ability to subliminally fuse with another person, read them, and even sense their secret desires and longings on a subliminal level. Once this information is collected, Scorpio has some "power" over the other person. Therefore, this symbol has the reputation of intrigue, manipulation and destruction. This uncanny ability to summarize someone at a glance is an arresting force. I have often noticed that her eyes have a penetrating, burning quality.

Aquarius is a permanent air sign. The Air element is connected to ideas and concepts and I have found words. Usually aquarists know the language well and can be very funny. Since the aura pattern is centripetal, the air energy flows inwards, so that the ideas and concepts of the aquarists are absolutely solid. Regarding the outside world, what they understand stimulates them, incorporating parts of different concepts, creating their own, which are usually very creative and original, and then sticking to these ideas and concepts for better or worse. The focus here is on controlling the ideas and concepts they live by, and often manifests as a philosophical platform that is very difficult to change due to the solid nature of the sign.

Changing characters

Changeable signs are energy transformers. They are classified as male or female and this is a very important attribute that should not be neglected. Throw away everything you know about "male" and "female" and it boils down to these two concepts: "Male" is energy that moves from a point of concentration to dispersion. "Female" is energy that moves from dissipation to a point of concentration. It's very similar to inhaling and exhaling. "Female" changeable signs are Virgo and Pisces, the changeable earth or watermark. Male changeable signs are twins and sagittarius, the changeable air and fire signs. Earth and water are female, air and fire are male. In general, all changeable signs are extremely adaptable and love changes in terms of their element.

Twins are a changing air sign. Regarding the energetic manifestation of the aura, the twin exhales first and then inhales in relation to the air element. This means that a twin with concepts, ideas and words projects into the world. After the energy is depleted, the twin aura begins to "pull in" other concepts, ideas and / or words. This usually manifests itself as "feedback". Hence the pop description of a twin as talkative. However, this is only one way in which the twin energy can manifest. Constantly pushing / pulling the aura of Mutable Air will leave Geminis on the outside world for new ideas and concepts. These will change many times for the twins throughout their lives as the world is constantly changing.

Virgo is a sign of the changing earth. The element of the earth is feminine, so the virgin aura breathes in and out first. The earth is connected to things like the immediate physical environment, structure, comfort, food and drink, clothing. Hence the pop description of Virgos as "fussy" and neat. The Virgin gathers physical information about the world around ...

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