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I like to watch celebrity birthdays every day and post a few on Facebook and Twitter. We all love looking for aspects of ourselves in the personality of a celebrity who shares our birthday, doesn't it? Today, September 21st, I happened to notice a trend towards excellent thinking and communication skills. Next I pulled one of my favorite books, Robert Camp's Love Cards, and looked it up for September 21. Camp assigns each card a title, which turned out to be incredibly precise when summarizing the personality for each card. I giggled when I saw that September 21st is the three clubs - the Camp card is called "The Writer's Card".

An extremely popular and successful writer who was born today is an excellent example of the three clubs. In Camp's Destiny Card system, the three are very creative and imaginative, and the clubs govern communication. Stephen King is really a king in his chosen field. I have to admit that even though I am an insatiable reader, I only read a small part of his productive literary offerings because I have to bite my nails and sit on the edge of my seat. It may take a few days for me to shake off the discomfort I feel in reading his novels. When I looked at his birth certificate today, I immediately noticed a lot of things that made me think: "Oh, of course" and I'll share a few with you. There are so many jumps that indicate his unique talent and remarkable career that it's hard to know where to start!

Writing skills and a fertile imagination that can tell a good story are often found in a busy third house within the birth certificate. The sun, Venus, and Neptune are all in King's third house, indicating that he writes and enjoys it as naturally as a duck takes water. Neptune in the third is economic boom Mercury, the planet of communication, in his fourth house. The fourth house is also the seat of the soul and the psychological foundation of a person. His Mercury is in the Libra, the air sign that looks at the polarities of the self towards others and examines the myriad aspects of human interaction. Venus, Neptune, and Mercury are all in Libra, but its Sun is in a late degree to the Virgin. The influence of the earth and the detailed nature of a virgin sun help him to collect the many thoughts and impressions that the Libra influences create and to summarize them in a coherent story. The Libra energy can also help guide the reader one way and then the other. Appearance can definitely be deceiving and things are not what you think. They are another way of translating the King's Mercury / Neptune conjunction.

Another house that needs to be examined for signs of creative ability is the fifth. Here is King's Moon in the adventurous Sagittarius Sextile Mercury. He literally loves to write. For him, writing is an emotional liberation and possibly an escape rather than a job. His moon in the fifth also opposes Uranus in the eleventh house of friends and groups. The eleventh house is its audience and Uranus is a planet with an electrical and unpredictable influence. King shocked his audience with his ingenious ability to create disturbing emotions as his stories unfold. Some, like me, may find the emotions his work creates too uncomfortable. However, there are other aspects that allow him to be well received and to cross borders. One of them is the moon in the fifth trine Saturn / Pluto in the dramatic Leo in the first house of the self. Saturn rules mortality, longevity, pain, suffering and grief. Some of Saturn's archetypes are Father Time and The Grim Reaper. Pluto can be power, fear, death and transformation, resurrection, Hades, hell, everything that is dark, disturbing, taboo, hidden and suppressed. Leo rules the fifth house of creativity in which King's Moon sits. The supportive flow of moon energy to Saturn / Pluto in the first makes him a dramatic moderator of exciting and disturbing emotions related to fear, pain and death. King also has Jupiter in the fertile watermark of the scorpion in the fifth, semi-sextile his sun in the third, indicating that his creativity and writing can be productive and profitable. With Jupiter in the square aspect to Saturn / Pluto in the first case, however, success may not be easy. Persistence, persistence, and simple old hard work got him where he is now. The scorpion rules the metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural. Another aspect that makes his work attractive to many is King's Jupiter in Scorpio in the fifth trine Mars with sensitive cancer in the twelfth house of the subconscious and the collective of society. I suspect King can feel the fear in his body as he creates it in his writing. I wonder - does his hair get goose bumps, do he have to move away from his writing and walk up and down a bit before he can invent the perfect words that make his reader's skin crawl? He could get some of his ideas from actual nightmares, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some of his best writings take place early in the morning, when, of course, thoughts turn to what's in the closet or under the bed. Most of the time he understands the part of us that likes to be afraid and reaches for this part like a likeable good buddy. We have to like how Stephen King scares us because we buy a lot of his books!

To round off his card, King has the initiative fire sign Aries in the middle of the sky. He is a pioneer in his genre and stands out from others in his field. I only read novels because I saw Stephen King confirmation on the cover. His reputation and fame as a writer are so great that he has a dedicated readership, and rightly so. Stephen King's life path, as indicated by his moon-north node in the bull in the eleventh house of his birth certificate, is to bring something tangible and tangible to the masses. King does not have a strong influence in the ninth publishing house to guarantee that his books will be printed, but his trampling, stubborn lunar north knot in combination with his determined Saturn / Pluto in the royal lion cannot be ignored. His attitude to the publication of his first stories could have been: "Where there is a will, there is a way." His Lunar North Node in Taurus in his eleventh house and Jupiter in Scorpio in his fifth house are both feminine and fertile and help King produce a great work for his recognized readers.

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