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From the outside, astrology appears mysterious and complicated. There seems to be a lot to learn. Zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects together form a cosmic alphabet soup of complexity. However, learning the principles of astrology doesn't have to be difficult. Indeed, astrology is a structured and orderly system. Once you know the secrets of understanding astrology, you can go through the principles to interpret charts practically overnight.

Tip number one: astrology is a closely linked system

Planets, zodiac signs and the houses of the birth certificate have similar meanings. Don't worry now. There is not so much to learn about astrological work as it initially seems. There is a wealth of information on the Internet that can help you learn fairly easily about the close relationship between many aspects of the astrological system. Likewise, there are many courses you can take to help you understand this ancient art and how everything is connected, but it is closely related. So if you learn one, it goes smoothly to the next part, which makes learning relatively easy and progressive.

Tip number two: astrology is a language

The planets and the energetic connections that make them underline the meaning of the zodiac signs when placed on your diagram. Planets are nouns, people, places and things in your life. Aspects are like verbs, the action words. Zodiac signs are like adjectives, they color the effect of the planets with their special signature. The birth chart is the snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. They represent this single moment, the position of the stars at the time of your birth.

Tip number three: All planets have something to say about your personality

Horoscope columns in the newspapers are interesting and entertaining, but they are only the most basic form of astrology, based on where the sun was when you were born. However, all other planets in the solar system have certain things to say about your personality. The sun represents your essential essence, the core of your personality. It works like the central processing unit of your computer. All actions of the other planets go through them and are colored by the alignment of the zodiac sign in which the sun is located. The placement of the planets in different sectors of our maps, known as zodiac houses, shows how we naturally perceive the world around us.

The moon represents your emotions, Mercury, your thought processes, Venus, your value systems and Mars, your survival instincts. These are your inner processes. For this reason we call them the personal planets. From here, the rest of the planets represent external processes, the place from which we look out to understand the universe. Jupiter represents our sense of something greater than ourselves, be it God or a sense of social order. Saturn represents the limitations and burdens that our role in society brings. Uranus, as we individualize ourselves, represents Neptune, our sense of universal consciousness, and Pluto, the process of transformation for spiritual growth.

Tip number four: astrology is about repeating cycles

Our earliest ancestors looked up at the sky and watched the moon move through its monthly cycles. The moon grew from darkness to a splinter of light at the level of its cycle, the full moon, and then faded back into darkness. This basic repetition cycle represents the life cycle of all things. It is the basis for western astrology. A cycle that represents the endless cycle of birth, growth, and liberation is also a cycle of consciousness development. Once you understand the process of the repetition cycle, you will know a key element in understanding how the planets work in our lives. For example: In the new moon: we act instinctively and impulsively towards external people and events. We react spontaneously and unplanned. Seed for future projects.

Tip number five: The zodiac signs also represent this cycle

The annual cycle of the sun path should not be confused with the apparent location of the constellations. The meaning of the solar cycle is similar to that of the lunar cycle, a cycle of birth, growth and release, but in an annual rather than a monthly cycle. When you look at a chart, you see a representation of this repeating cycle in your own life. Starting with the zodiac sign on the horizon at the time of your birth, your ascendant, each placement of a zodiac sign around the map represents your sense of how the universe works. Each of the houses represents a specific function in life. Any of the zodiac colors that work with their own signature. Each of the planets also has its own cycle. The interpretation work is based on the repeating cycles of the planets and their relationship to the planets in your diagram, what we call aspects.

Tip number 6: Aspects represent the actions of the repetition cycle

The planets, as they orbit, make energetic connections to the planets in your birth chart. There are countless interpretations of these aspects, but it is not necessary to remember them all. This is how the aspects work: conjunctions are like the new moon phase. They represent the fusion of energies that create new situations. Sextiles are like the gibbous and crescent stages. Rooted ideas. There are opportunities. What we do with this energy is up to us. Squares are like the moon in the first and last quarters. There is resistance to incoming energies and changing situations. Oppositions are like the full moon stage. There is tension and competition.

Tip number seven: compiling all horoscope information is an art, not a science

The practice of medicine is an art, as is the practice of astrology. There is no magical way, no technique that gives you all the answers. No matter how much you study, you will never feel that you have learned enough astrology. And sometimes, despite what you know, you will just be wrong in your interpretation. The value of an astrologer is not to know everything about this old thinking system. The value of an astrologer is measured by how well the astrologer can elevate and inspire the person he is reading for. If you keep this goal on your websites, it will be a source of inspiration for other people no matter how much you learn what you know.

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