5 excellent books for astrology fans – Awesome astrology reading online


Recommended books for astrology are: classical astrology for modern life; Astrology: the classic guide to understanding your horoscope; the astrologer's manual; Astrology, a cosmic science and secrets from a stargazer notebook

Whether for in-depth analysis or just for entertainment, finding a good book on astrology is better than reading incomplete facts online. To learn more about astrology, these books are an excellent choice.

Classical astrology for modern life

A book by J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D. This book reports on the history and development of astrology and gives the reader an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčancient astrological interpretations. The books also serve as a guide on how to do things and not. The great thing about this book is that it combines both ancient and modern astrology and how its principles can be applied today.

Astrology: The classic guide to understanding your horoscope

This book by Ronald Davison remains one of the most popular books in astrology. The book shows the special way of the author to interpret the birth certificate. He uses the key words to give certain attributes to the various planet and house signs in order to integrate their properties into a person's life. Davison was an editor for Astrology for many years.

Astrology, a cosmic science

A two-part book by Isabelle M. Hickey. Part one deals with the different astrological terms and their respective relationships. Part two, a special section with the planets Pluto and Minerva. This bestseller gives a thorough explanation of karma and reincarnation, aside from basic astrology. The author also integrates the spiritual aspects into astrology, which serve as guidelines for the right life and dealing with one's own destiny.

The astrologer's manual

This book was written by Sakoian & Acker and is an excellent guide for someone new to astrology. The book contains details on the various astrological symbols as well as instructions on how to interpret aspects and the basics of calculating birth charts. It is one of the most comprehensive instructions for interpreting your own horoscope.

Secrets from a stargazer notebook

A good book for beginners in astrology. This book was written by Debbi Kempton-Smith and deals with unique techniques for interpreting astrological phenomena in your own insights. Also offers a quick way to learn and interpret birth horoscopes and interpret your daily horoscopes yourself.

The featured books garnered great reviews. You can buy them at your local bookstore or buy them online.

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