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Q: Are all horoscopes really accurate or are they just generalized and good guesses? What are the signs (no pun intended πŸ™‚ that a horoscope will be good before I break my budget for a false clairvoyant reading from a script? And what distinguishes an accurate, insightful, and insightful horoscope that I can really feel safe in and that is inspired to take empowered action in relation to the advice? Do you know any of these questions? In this article, we'll take a quick and simple look at the SIMPLE signs that a reader is real and what you should expect from both an accurate and a "wrong" chart. Curious to know more? Read on as we take a closer look below.

First understand THIS is true ... because it is:

There are many different types of "wrong" horoscopes and astrological measurements, and I don't want to paint them all with the same brush.

For example, there's nothing wrong with an amateur's light, airy, and fun horoscope or general reading that you might find in your local newspaper as long as you don't trust this information to make a big decision. The truth is, generalized, random, and cutter horoscopes are the most common types that exist, and that's how most people get their "exposure" to this whole area.

That said, NO good professional reader will tell you that it is possible to "read" millions of people in a general blurb, and this is for entertainment purposes only. (and maybe some light, general instructions)

That said, a professional reader who sounds like they're reading a script or simply mimicking the overarching information you find in a morning newspaper is an absolutely simple sign that you are being cheated on. (especially if you pay for it)

A real professional, personalized horoscope should have several very specific properties.

1 - it should be specific. The information should relate to YOU ​​and not a general comment on your sign

2 - It should be ACTIONABLE and applicable to your situation. If you get feedback and advice that directly contradicts your living conditions and circumstances, either you are not making a proper connection ... or the reader is just following a script. (and this applies to both phone readings and face-to-face meetings)

3 - Finally, it should be INTERACTIVE. A good horoscope, astrological or empathic psychic reading of ANY kind should be an exchange of energy and information between two people. When it comes to the reader "telling" you what is going on in your life and you do not play a role in reading, it is NOT done by a reader who really understands the nature of empathic information.

Believe it or not, after a decade and a half of publication in this area and more readings of ALL types than I can count, I can tell you that my favorite horoscopes were more like a spiritual life coaching than a kind of data junk. I felt empowered to ask questions, challenge the information, and open my mind and heart to what the "universe" wanted me to do.

When it comes to 100% truthful horoscopes or psychological readings of any kind, truth is a funny word. I prefer the word real or transparent ... Because truth is almost always a question of perspective and part of the process of spiritual growth and development. Maybe 10 years ago I laughed at what I think is true TODAY. And if you are something like the rest of us trying to find our purpose and path in life no matter where you are, you will too.

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